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Our Brands – Commercialization

Commercialization - Making Products a Reality


When a product has cleared the Concept Creation and Validation process and is ready for piloting and product launch, commercialization activities take center stage. After all, our Mission is to Take Big Ideas to Market.

Studies have shown that the proper alignment of product offering, target customers, and marketing strategy is critical to successful market acceptance. In most commercialization efforts, marketing and branding efforts are where the most money will be spent. With so much potential for missteps, we focus on creating early adoption without massive spending.

In addition to helping our customers with the Concept Creation and Validation process, Compadre offers Product Pilot and Launch services for people and companies interested in pursuing the next steps in the commercialization process. And, commercialization is not something that we just do for our customers, we actively pursue the commercialization and branding of our own proprietary products. We walk the talk, every day.


Küpop™ is a new approach to Point of Purchase displays. It is a proprietary, extended life, semi-permanent display system that provides the durability of more permanent display systems while being cost competitive with temporary, one-way displays.

A systemized approach is at the heart of the design concept and engineering of the Kupop Displays line of products. Displays arrive on the retail floor fully assembled and stocked, anchor your product on the floor for an expected life of a year and can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual store. Kupop Displays provide the utmost in factory order flexibility and in-store customization.

We love our Kupop Displays because they provide all of the tools needed by marketing teams to display their products in the market place while allowing us to display many of our “under one roof” capabilities.

  • Innovation
  • Design and Engineering
  • Testing
  • Graphic Design
  • Sourcing
  • Customization
  • Fulfillment

Kübox™ is easy crating: a new way to ship valuable, large/heavy, or fragile items, by either parcel or freight. It fits when a box is not enough and a wood crate is too much. It has been used to ship everything from priceless works of art to jet engines, and it’s a wise choice for shipping nearly anything you value.

Kubox brings together the same award winning innovation, world-class design and aerospace engineering used as the core of our Kupop Displays. Kuboxes use uniquely designed corrugated panels, resulting in a heavy-duty, lightweight, and easy-to-assemble shipping and storage container.

Kubox is the most responsible way to ship. While the utmost care was taken to utilize sustainable, recyclable materials in creating the Kubox, it was actually designed to be reused and never thrown away. Kuboxes can be used over and over for shipping, and then transformed for other uses when there is nothing to ship.


Check out the latest addition to our materials library, AeroClay™.  An entirely new aerogel concept under the heading of macromolecular engineering and polymer sciences, AeroClay is the newest addition to the Compadre family of companies.

AeroClay transforms common clay and polymers into a lightweight material that can be used as a structural material, coating or liner. It excels as a thermal, sound, electrical and shock insulation material. AeroClay is highly absorbent and it can be engineered to attract or repel both water and hydrocarbons, making it extremely versatile as a hazardous waste cleanup material. It is completely friendly to the environment and more competitive than traditional EPS foams. AeroClay is going to change the World.