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Our Clients

Always Looking to Drive Down Cost and Increase Revenue


We maintain customer and supplier relationships with the most demanding companies in the world. Our customers and suppliers include Fortune Global 500 companies, as well as regional U.S. manufacturers. Our history has taught us what large companies require and command. We are the small dog that learned to run with the big dogs.


Compadre works closely with some of the world’s largest retailers to address a wide range of challenges. We help our customers deal with the entire spectrum from getting it there with transport packaging solutions to getting it sold with point of purchase displays. Our graphics and design capabilities make for both highly functional and beautiful, eye-catching displays. Retailers also rely on our packaging center to solve problems with vendor packaging, to reduce damage rates, and to implement sustainability initiatives that set new industry standards. Working with Compadre gives retailers access to new materials and emerging packaging technologies as soon as they are available – along with the technical expertise to quickly implement them. We pride ourselves on making sales go up with our Küpop™ display systems and on making costs go down with our SmartHub™ fulfillment and logistics solutions.


Many materials science companies and universities focus on developing their unique materials rather than getting outside of their mission by commercializing products. This next step is where Compadre excels. Our deep knowledge of the packaging industry and product life cycle support requirements combined with our transport and sales-focused vision enable us to identify optimal applications and early adopters for new materials through our Research and Development group, which we call Compadre Labs™. We then bring these new solutions to market through our broad network of retailers, logistics centers, manufacturers, packaging companies and suppliers. When we work with materials developers, we build long-lasting partnerships that create tremendous new revenue channels.


Companies that develop new packaging solutions come to Compadre to tailor their solutions for specific industries. Whether it is a complex solution that requires custom design and engineering for each application, or a sustainable solution that just isn’t yet cost effective for widespread distribution, Compadre provides the resources necessary to bring them to market in the short term. We do accelerate adoption by identifying niche applications for large markets that drive efficiency up and total cost down. We frequently encounter situations where the new solution materials are more expensive than existing alternatives, but for companies that understand the benefits of minimizing total cost and simultaneously maximizing sales, we can’t be beaten. Our relationships with packaging solution developers are modeled as true partnerships, always aimed to build new revenue channels for packaging solutions that can be made viable today.


When a brander or manufacturer faces a packaging challenge they are not equipped to solve, Compadre provides a multi-disciplinary team that eliminates problems and implements solutions quickly. Our leading-edge packaging center at Austin Testing™ brings packaging design, engineering and certified testing together “under one roof.” But we don’t stop there – we also provide prototyping and a range of services to support new packaging and products launch. For manufacturers and branders, our experience in “the last mile” of the supply chain as a JIT materials aggregator and service parts supplier and service company means we understand the problems. We’ve been there and done that. If you’re thinking our packaging center sounds unique, let us prove it to you.


We partner with the world’s largest packaging, parcel and freight companies in order to bring to market the many, diverse materials and packaging solutions we help develop. Packaging companies rely on Compadre as a bridge to emerging technologies – so their customers are the first to implement solutions that lower cost and drive efficiency up. Many companies offer unique Compadre driven products such as the Kübox™ to improve packaging performance for individual retail parcel customers as well as industrial freight commercial customers. Regardless of the customer segment, we help drive sales and lower cost.