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SmartHub – Product Delivery

Connecting All The Dots

Through The Last Mile

We build relationships through our Passion for Mission Critical – Fast! We thrive on meeting the dynamic volume, on demand, customized needs of our customers. It’s in our DNA.

Our focus in a SmartHub™ setting is on the processes, services and materials required to move manufactured products from the production line to the consumer and back again. We call this “The Last Mile” of the product life cycle.

  • Assembly and Kitting
  • Warehousing and Logistics
  • Customization and Fulfillment
  • Product and Customer Support
  • Focus – The customer gets to focus its resources on their core business and core competencies.
  • Reduction in Overhead – Floor space and staff resources can be reallocated or eliminated.
  • Reductions in Direct Cost – Direct costs are dramatically reduced as a result of design enhancements, process changes, supply chain savings, and reduced fulfillment costs.
  • Improved Customer Experience – From the “out of the box” experience to the product’s end of life, your customers realize improved quality and service throughout the product life cycle. As a result, you experience improved sales.
  • Lower Costs and Higher Sales – The combination of these two metrics means exponential earnings improvements.