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With Influence Comes Responsibility


If you know about Compadre, you’ll know that “We are the small dog that learned to run with the big dogs.” What we mean by that saying is we have worked with and learned from some of the largest companies around the world. Because of the companies we work with, we have developed capabilities that are unique for a small company to possess. Our capabilities give us influence and with influence comes the obligation to act responsibly.

Our company had its genesis as a materials aggregator for a local computer company that grew to be one of the best-known brands in the world. As they grew, we grew up with them, on occasion providing over a million boxes in a single month. We became experts in boxes and the broader field of packaging.

Being a part of the computer business supply chain, we naturally developed a strong capability in information technology. Our IT capabilities led us to establish a heavy presence in providing service parts and warranty services in the U.S. for many of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers, especially those based in Asia. Here again, the global shipment of thousands of packages on a daily basis honed our expertise in supply chain, logistics, IT, and especially packaging technology.

What we noticed through all of these activities was that the packaging industry as a whole is a somewhat staid industry. We sometimes say that the last big technological innovations in the packaging industry occurred in 1856 when Albert Jones was issued a patent for pleated or corrugated paperboard and again in 1890 when Robert Gair, by accident, invented the corrugated box. That’s a long time to go without a major shift or technological change in product materials for any industry.

Now, things are changing rapidly with a new emphasis on materials. Their impact on our environment has led to numerous new materials being studied. We are proud to be at the forefront of this new paradigm. Our focus today is on advancing new technologies. In fact, that focus sums up our mission statement: Take Big Ideas to Market.

In executing on our mission, we have carefully considered our role and responsibility as an industry leader to be good stewards of the technologies entrusted to us for commercialization. We see an overlapping set of criteria by which our behavior ought to be measured. These critical areas are envisioned in a diagram where each circle of responsibility appears and overlaps.diagram

We are committed to being responsible stewards within our company, our community and our environment. Those are the larger spheres within which we operate and we see them as economic, social, and environmental responsibilities. These spheres all overlap to some degree and we believe we are called upon to promote healthy behaviors in the overlap between our environment and our community, equitable behaviors in the overlap between our community and company, and desirable behaviors in the overlap between our company and the environment. Where all of these spheres and overlaps occur is where we have the most at stake and that is where we are called upon to be most responsible.

We may be a small company, but we have a long reach. With influence comes responsibility. Our business is constantly changing and evolving, but there is one thing we are not about to change and that is our commitment to promote healthy, equitable and desirable behaviors in our company, our community and our environment.