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Who We Are

Our Name and Logo Say Who We Are

The People Behind Compadre

The dictionary tells us a Compadre is a “close friend or associate, a companion.” Our name and logo say who we are… a partner, an ally, a trusted friend. We say that about our customers, suppliers, employees, advisors, and all of our stakeholders and we work to have each of them say that about us. Our core purpose, “Helping others make a difference” says it all.

Some people call our cultures strange:

Never say no. (Doesn’t always mean yes, but by not saying no, we always seek to explore opportunities to make a difference.)

Relentlessly pursue a different way. (We could have said a better way, but that would limit the possibilities.)

Don’t want to, don’t have to. (We always raise, wrestle and then resolve issues. We are called upon to stand up and be counted, and then we buy in.)

Organics, not rules. (We certainly have our processes and procedures, but they are based on the knowledge of human nature and appropriate behavior.)

Step up and step down. (We are organized with a clear understanding of our responsibilities and we embrace the value of a highly diverse team with individual expertise and passion. We know when to artfully lead and when to gracefully follow so we can best help others.)

Our customer base is diverse. We work with some of the world’s largest retailers to address their packaging, display, customization, fulfillment and logistics needs, and their customer and product service requirements. We work with materials developers to validate and then commercialize their ideas. Many of our customers are manufacturers and branders who rely upon our lab to fulfill their design, engineering and testing needs. No matter who our customers are, we bring a commitment to being a responsible stewards to every project.

We maintain customer and supplier relationships with the most demanding companies in the world. Our customers and suppliers include Fortune Global 500 companies, as well as regional U.S. manufacturers. Our history and training taught us what large companies require and command. We are the small dog that learned to run with the big dogs. Now, we bring our experience to companies of all sizes.

Our Vision: Help Others Make a Difference.

Our Mission: Take Big Ideas to Market.

Our Passion: Mission Critical – Fast!

Our Deliverable: Success, the Way You Define It.

We relish having visitors in our Austin facility. There is no other like it in the world. It’s been called a “creative heaven.” We hope you will come to our little bit of heaven here in Austin. After all, we can’t start without you.